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Head and Shoulders



Three-quarter Length



Full Length



                                                  Animal Portraits Start at $1500                         

                               Framing and shipping are additional.Travel expenses, if necessary, are additional.       

                            Additional figures will be included at a 50% increase per figure.


Christopher  will travel to the client’s location to obtain information needed to complete a commissioned portrait. During his visit, the artist will spend time getting to know the subject, discussing the details of the portrait including pose, clothing, setting and complete a digital photo shoot. At the conclusion of the photo shoot (approximately 1 to 2 hours), the artist and client will review the photos on a laptop computer. Together they will make final selections the artist will use as reference to create the portrait in the studio. Often, time is also set aside for sketching from life.

Once in the studio, the artist will begin the portrait from the approved photographs and sketches.  Whenever possible, the artist will deliver the portrait in person for final approval. Satisfaction is guarenteed  and  any alterations made, if so desired.

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